Mercedes Goes Glamorous with Illuminated Star

Mercedes’ Star had been a sign to show-off but what if now that comes with an added quotient of glamour? Sounds like an extra topping on the cake, isn’t it!

Just to celebrate, don’t know what the reason behind, Mercedes Benz have included its M and GL Class range with an ‘Illuminated Star’ marquee on the front that glows with white LED light being pinned underneath. It comes alive when the vehicle’s engine stops in an unlocked mode and doors or trunks are opened; while too goes just off after 15 seconds when one closes those cabin outlays.

Three pointed star had always been a luxury temperament but putting such innovations has added more charm to it. C, E and CLS Class are the next to be bestowed with.

Mercedes-Benz 3 Pointed Star

No to disappointment, those who had an old dear Merc can also get themselves fitted with such adorable, as would need to pay only a bill of EUR 300.

Witnessing a glimpse of it in the mentioned video, one must not waste any time for getting carried with the white ‘starry’ flick, while lovely Germans do deserve that!

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