A First of Its Kind Active High Beam Control by Volvo to Debut at Geneva Motor Show

Geneva is already fully-loaded but carmakers still find the glass half empty, so to fill in the clinching gaps they now are intervening with advancements of technology that had became as important as the new offerings.

Volvo is the latest entrant in this clutch which is going to make a mark with new headlamps for avoiding collision, it is also learnt those will be a first of its kind in the world.

Getting in details, commonly found active beam switches between high and low points if another car is detected on road, but a one that is going to be deployed on Volvo series is too different. The Swedish brand had developed such a technology that if other vehicle is spotted on the tarmac then its beam shades that particular area and keep the other regions still in illumination.

Volvo unveils Active High Beam Control

Thus we can say that its true, one would not have experienced such a delight before!

Though to enhance more of the wow factors Prof. Lotta Jakobsson, Senior Technical Specialist Safety at Volvo Cars Safety Center says, “Our aim with the renewed Active High Beam Control technology is to enhance visibility in the dark by making it possible to use high beam permanently, without having to switch to low beam when meeting or catching up with other cars.”

After studying Active Beam in a scientific manner it is surfaced that innovation leads a camera on the vehicle’s board for detecting other vehicles. This information is then forwarded to car’s projector module mechanism which in return uses bits of metal to cover the beams as per requirement. Those metal blocks are of various sizes and works above the vehicle’s speed of 9 mph, while a 1.5 degree of accuracy does also runs in its veins.

Volvo’s model badge of XC60, Volvo V60 and S60 are the ones to be bestowed with Active High Beam Control, and that too in the next of couple of months.

Lastly, Swedish carmaker had stored another important feature for Geneva event, as meant to be talked about in the beginning of show.

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