Mercedes to bring A Class on May 30th

Mercedes-Benz is all geared up for the launch of its New A Class in India on May 30th. Unlike most of the Mercedes cars already in the market, this new car is not the one you will want to be chauffeured.  With the racky profile and the sporty roofline the car mostly targets the owners who want to drive their own Mercedes.

Mercedes is hoping to cash in this extremely youthful design. The modern interiors and the sporty driving dynamics have tuned to suit the younger audiences. Just like the success story it created in Europe, Mercedes is hoping that it will repeat the same in the Indian market.

There is quite more in this heavily architecture design. The stance is quite athletic and the profile is adorable, the long bonnet and the low roof give it much required sporty look. The big star that adorns the center of the grille will instantly catch your eyes, until you move it forward towards the scowling headlights. The rear has also received considerable attention, the rear duct and the rear splitter together gives it a more planted look on the road. The car also gives you a feel of any rear Mercedes with its robust and tough looks. Its quite a bad luck that this car will be categorized as a hatchback but it is more like a four door coupe that accidently happens to have a hatch at the rear.

New Mercedes-Benz A Class

The refreshment in the design has been carried to the interiors as well. The cabin is just as radical as the exterior. The cabin has been themed by the electroplated chrome circular air vents. The dashboard has been blessed with the carbon-fibre and is pretty clear.

The quality the fit and the finish are up to the standards of the Mercedes Benz. The inside looks pretty just like the C Class and there are plenty of metallic highlights to uplift the cabin experience. The central console has received the suspended touchscreen just above the vents. The large comfortable seats with the Porsche styled headrests looks quite up-market. The doorpads have been heavily padded and attractive AMG steering looks stunning. The rear seats despite of the low stance of the car are quite comfy and have plenty of legroom and expectable headroom.

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