Audi Q3 2.0L TFSI Petrol: Test Drive, Review

When the whole world is flowing forward, Audi is going backward, as already launched Q3 in diesel version last year and doing well with the same too, the German carmaker now rolled out the petrol avatar of that compact SUV in the spec of 2.0L TFSI petrol motor. Though whatever the things maybe on technical board, German cars always make headlines when they are being launched, and Audi Q3 TFSI is not an exception. Making the head turns due to the looks of charming aerodynamics since June last year, this newbie also sport the same things expect the difference of TFSI badge, and nothing else. To be true, there is no cosmetic change either on front or on rear, hence sometime, the not so well informed person may drag it to the same old (diesel) Q3 itself. As we all know, talking about the looks, it seems trimmed down version of Q5, but in actual it has the platform of Volkswagen Tiguan being pinned underneath. Here the question can be raised that this is not an “original Audi”, which we too accept the things, but when opening the door and settling into the seats it would not really make you feel the same. So let’s get started, dabbing the paddle and just vroom.

Ride and Handling:

As we are always hungry for the power and those high doses of octane, it is preferable to start with the ride and handling side of vehicle. Settled under the hoods with 2.0L TFSI motor Q3 feels anytime ready for the forces to be revealed from the motor. The thing is, just need to dab the accelerator and see the responses in front of you on the speedometer screens. It takes only 8.2 seconds to cross the mark of 100kmph from standstill, and moreover the three digits figures are just a few notches away from the point every time you hit 60kmph mark. We mean a quite lesser quotient than any other bug in this range when compared. Maximum, we had touched only 175kmph during our turn but we assure more of the things were there inside the funnel to come out of from the rebelling grunts of exhaust notes. Though as we all know, in India roads are insufficient for a car to test, hence we stopped at that bespoken particular point only. When rolled on an open space better results tend to fall on the counterpart of negativities, though which we hadn’t seen yet.

New Audi Q3 2.0L TFSI

Taking the gearshifts, 7 speed DCT gearbox is easy in shifting whichever the direction you want, and in any of the mode thrown at it. We liked the manual shifting very much, there were some of the cliches in between but those can be understood when the one in India will be driven by a chauffeur, and if most probably the times happen owners may drive himself too, that basically would be getting home back after the long party, it will not be point to include it in the list of don’ts for such a beauty. As per to our experience, driving it in the manual had yielded better results in terms of “efficiency” and as well as the “outputs”, meant to be cared a lot because we were (sitting) on the petrol driven motor, not the conventional diesel ones. Overall ride quality was good enough to fill in the hungry stomach of adrenaline rush. At some points, that too mentioned above as well, we were craving for more of the tarmacs to be strapped on our stride but it wasn’t, hence the were more power lying inside it, was to be revealed out as quick as possible. 7000 RPMs was the final limit that we had stroked in.

Taking the corners hadn’t felt a tough task; it was carried with ease even at high speeds. The coupe like structure at rear and front swooping aerodynamics had made everything to fall comfortably in place. When driving in sport mode, the suspension setup sometime disappointed us on the lower RPMs, but as soon as the vehicle crosses near to mid range mark, the plight of softness was its damn standard stint. Even the aluminum structured body being assimilated with the light weight hoods and tail gate, had overall enhanced the air penetrating power of Q3 by various notches. And if said, those things would be replaced with some heavy clad metal sheets then these much excitement would not be extracted from the petrol version’s list of Q3. Wait, that’s not all, we have even tried and tested it on the rough terrain, no need to blink the eyelid to get out of the dusting fuss. Q3 is a badge of luxurious compact SUV hence, no negative feedbacks from the suspensions and gear shifts as well. Gear ratios are also well planned in the petrol avatar than the diesel, so no compromise on the sort of things that you throw at it. Sand guzzling power and the near to perfect setup of McPherson struts with aluminum lower wishbones on front gropes in harsh bristles very softly.

Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI petrol

Ratings: 18/20.


Interiors, are no doubt of 100% Audi quality, made to last longer than the vehicle, with bits of chrome placed efficiently here and there, and also the pining of everything done very efficiently without leaving even a millimeter to escape for dust letting in. Front seats are comfortable enough, ample of leg and head room, enough thigh support and a lot more of comfort for travelling long journey. Whereas, the rear also has good amount of legroom but the headroom doesn’t fit perfect for the tall riders like me. Seating at rear had given us a clove of coupe like tendency due to the reclining roof line, but had taken headroom in its marginal trade-offs.

Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI Interiors

Ratings:  8/10.


Being priced in the band of Rs 27.37 – 32.66 lakh (ex-showroom, Maharashtra) Q3 TFSI is a bit expensive in the range and also on the list of features that is putted on board for customers. Though one can say, the drive quality is good enough to put the Audi mettle at positive point but taking leaf out of the whole book we learnt, petrol is now another segment itself in the automotive industry, meant for the upright big-shots who does not care about the fuel prices and such. We did not suggest it for the switchers i.e. from diesel to petrol, who were actually waiting for this moment by the whole long year since launch, because they are addicted to those astonishing figures on the mileage clock, which they will tremendously miss out here for the sake of only a mere petrol driven comfort.

Overall Ratings: 26/30.

Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI Engine

Technical Details:

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Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI Back View

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