Mercedes to come out with car leases

Mercedes have been beating around the bush for quite sometime regarding reclaiming their numero uno status in India, however this time around; the company has pushed the limits by offering its cars on a lease basis. Peter Honegg, the Managing Director of Mercedes Benz India said that once the company starts its own financial arm, they would go about managing the lease business. As of now, the lease concept is something which is relatively an unknown thing in India and buyers need to be made aware about it big time.

In some of the developed countries, this lease thing is very famous and infact, most car users prefer this method rather than go and buy a new car. Particularly if a manufacturer has its own financial wing, then they can undertake the risk of getting the car in a residual value and then later on selling it. Mr Honegg also mentioned the future plans of Mercedes in India and that the company was planning to bring in more diesel engined cars. Currently Mercedes have about 40 percent of the diesel territory covered in their lineup and would like to up the ante to 80 percent. Moreover, the company also plans to sell about 7k vehicles this year, up from the 5600 that they sold last year.

Mercedes Benz

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