Michael Schumacher returns to karting boots in 2013

F1 had seen some great swifts from the power house of Michael Schumacher, but now this will not stay for longer period as the seven times

F1 champion is returning to back karting boots in 2013. After all, Michael had agreed to become a test driver for Italian kart maker Tony Kart. In fact, he was also seen doing karting at Lonato circuit in Italy which surfaced with some “very good” laptimes.

On board designer of Tony kart, Hermann Tilke, confirmed that they are going to built new championship standard karting tracks near Cologne and plans are already chalked out.

Michael Schumacher for 2013
On other hand, Spain’s El Mundo Deportivo newspaper said that the legendary German will be seen racing in 2013, making it all the way to complete contradiction.

Michael Schumacher
As of now, only the time will tell that what is going inside Michael’s mindset.

However, Schumacher fires every track whichever he rides on to win!

Michael Schumacher back view

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