Tata to build 1 Billion Euro plant in Romania

Nano is the most renowned offering under Tata badge after Jaguar Land Rover. It failed to deliver those exponential figures which were taken into consideration before its launch. Very famous as World’s cheapest car, it managed to make its way in some of the coolest garages of Europe including Jay Leno’s as well.

The unsatisfactory performance driven by a 625 cc power plant, loses all the charm that was on the verge of all at pre-launch era.

Whatsoever, Tata is now planning to start up a plant in Romania by investing €1 billion in the revamp of an existing production bay. This manufacturing unit at Cluj-Napoca, Romania was once a production house for Nokia phones.

Tata to build 1 Billion Euro plant in Romania
As per the expectations, manufacturing unit will be able to house 5000 workers who will produce trucks, buses and passenger cars. It is still unclear that when this facility will start as no confirmation came from the house of auto manufacturer.

Taking a look at the bigger picture, it can be concluded that Tata will not have to pay import/export duties as Romania is a part of European Union, providing a convenient route for in and out of raw and finished products respectively relating the whole Europe.

Image Courtesy – www.autoevolution.com

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