Microsoft and Nissan announce strategic relationship

Nissan Motors and Microsoft Corporation have recently gone into collaboration for creating a state of the art and futuristic system of dealer management. The basis of this system will be Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Using the base provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM along with the auto industry expertise that Nissan has, these two concerns are going to create a proper relationship management system between the customers and the dealers. Tools of social collaboration are going to be used as solution providers and are going to be very helpful in the quest of Nissan for developing stronger customer relationship. This will also help in driving the sales of its dealers and will be helpful in increasing its market presence in the global auto industry. This solution is then going to utilize the platform provided by Windows Azure thereby using to its advantage the flexibility and economy of scale that Microsoft offers.

Microsoft and Nissan announce strategic relationshipThe collaboration was announced by the President of Microsoft Business Solutions, Kirill Tatarinov. Speaking on the same, he said that customer retention and loyalty had become very essential to ensure success of businesses and Microsoft Dynamics CRM guided its users towards the same. Microsoft was looking forward to at working together with Nissan for delivering effective solutions that would help the auto maker connect with its customers thereby helping it to be a winner in its business segment.

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