Suzuki Kizashi Sport introduced

Suzuki recently introduced a latest sport variant of the Kizashi in the UK with its standard equipment, including switchable 2/4WD. This Sport model has been given significant modifications both internally and externally. The front fascia is more muscular with the grille lowered. Moldings having chrome accents have been offered to its lower body with its 18-inch alloy light weight wheels being customized. The steering wheel is unique and sportier, and its leather seats have been contrastingly stitched.

While driving during normal and dry conditions, its i-AWD system has the option of being operated in 2-wheel-drive mode with predominant front wheel driving with rear wheels being subjected to minimum torque transmission. This can be done by simply using a switch that is on its dashboard and is alterable even when the vehicle is moving.

Suzuki Kizashi Sport introduced

While using the i-AWD four-wheel driving mode, its system now sends additional power to its rear wheels just when the vehicle is accelerated. The torque can be now split equally between the front and the rear. However, there are other factors that are controlling the same including inputs from steering and throttle and its wheel slippage.

Suzuki Kizashi Sport introducedIn the i-AWD mode, it’s provided a control system can monitor the conditions on which the vehicle is operating by the use of sensors. Based on the conditions that it senses, the control system directs the power coupling equipment to deliver optimum torque to the car’s rear wheels. This function proves very useful in improving the driving, particularly on bad roads. During slippery conditions also, the vehicle delivers a stabilized performance.

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