MINI BAR opened in Budapest

Budapest is famous for its tradition of good food, drinks and music. And if the steward asked, would you like to enjoy MINI with it? Petrol heads like will definitely jump out with joy, and would nod our heads, say Yes! Here, setting one best example of the dreamed destination for the automobile lovers, especially the MINI, the BMW owned brand opened world’s first MINI BAR in Budapest, Hungary. It earmarked the launch of new MINI in the country.

MINI BAR BUDAPEST is located in front of the Saint Stephen’s Basilica, a best place for the nightlife enjoyers. “Nightlife is an essential part of MINI and vice versa – from now on especially in Budapest” said Baudouin Denis, Managing Director of BMW Group Hungary. “MINI is about pure excitement shared with friends, so now there is a cool MINI place for the huge local and global MINI community to meet and share MINI Lifestyle: MINI BAR BUDAPEST.”

MINI BAR opened in Budapest

MINI BAR BUDAPEST is the fruit of a joint cooperation of MINI Hungary and the bar’s owner-manager, Mr. Balázs Gubcsó. “Guests will immediately recognise MINI in every detail,” says Balázs Gubcsó, who has many years’ experience in building up and managing trendy bars and restaurants. “Just like any MINI, MINI BAR BUDAPEST is compact in size yet full of charming details creating lots of opportunities for memorable moments with friends and for exciting parties. And, while the DJ plays cool music, we’re serving the kind of cheeky food and cocktails that makes MINI so unique.”

Hence, it was the manager’s fascination which caught idea of a MINI BAR in Budapest. He got excited when first he got behind the wheel of his MINI Cooper S ten years back. “Since then I’ve fallen even deeper in love with MINI, and now I run a MINI business, too” added Balázs Gubcsó. “The management of MINI in Hungary and in Munich really supported the concept and made it come true, for the genuine pleasure of the global MINI community.”

MINI has invited BMW Group Hungary, with more than 400 guests joined the party at MINI BAR BUDAPEST.

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