Mini Cooper S In India: Review

Nothing comes as easy as a job of bifurcating Mini Cooper from the other hatchbacks in a global market, leaving the copies from China for exception. The new Mini that conquered the roads some days back with its fresh aura had once again strike the chord in premium segment with the launch of a S trim in petrol. The badge of S on front grille is the first difference between the diesel and petrol trim which one can spot without making a mistake. Though, the diesel Mini is a soft-target for the buyers who betray fun of driving over the fuel-economy, especially in the car like Mini. And this is well-understood by the designers and engineers. For enticing the enthusiasts, company has brought us the Cooper S – the go-kart like feel behind its steering is now powered by a mighty team of 192 horses at the dab of accelerator, clocks 0-100km/h in 6.7 seconds and easily reaches up to the limit of 233km/h.

On the cosmetic front, as it is already affirmed the S on front grille surely take its way out. But other change like the front grille itself is a prominent improvement. The standard petrol car kits up with three slat front grill unlike to the honeycomb treatment given here. The bumper is freshly baked out of the factory for this S model. Turning to its rear, the body colored theme flourishes entire tail gate, where in diesel the chrome strip garnish the section just above the number plate.  S badge in the nomenclature is one such distinction here too. The sides are not noteworthy for the Mini S, but for trained personnel it is way more unlikely to the diesel and other options with regards to the ‘alloy wheels’. Blackened 10-spoke alloy wheels are up against the silver ones of Mini D. And not to forget, the S badge here in the profiles once again marks it as the powerful Mini Cooper (S) of the petrol guise.

Mini Cooper S In India

Moving inside the cabin, Cooper S is not way unrecognizable from its other siblngs. Lot of instruments and details are straightly lifted. The 6.5-inch and 8.8-inch infotainment make way to the list. Talking about the features in detail, more and more of them are opted as standard comparatively; after all, this car is entitled to enthusiasts.

Mini Cooper S In India
Lift the lid of engine bay, and a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder twin-turbo can be seen resting peacefully, grumbling with the 192 horsepower and 280Nm of torque. The entire traction is send to front wheels. That 6-speed automatic gearbox sweetly handles the 0-100km/h setting in 6.7 seconds, also returning the fuel-economy of 18.2 kmpl in the ARAI tests, despite the max-speed of 233kmph.

Overall, Mini Cooper S is car that is always fun to drive, though a one buys it in the diesel trim even. Powerful petrol motor is the right choice to go for, and Cooper S scores every possible number on the paper. From our industries’ sources who proven lucky enough for a chance behind its steering wheels said, the car is bliss to drive. Pure enthusiasts will not afford to miss the fun of a go-kart behind this powerful machine.

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