Traffic App For Motorists Launched In Navi Mumbai

Technological advancements on the brink of stirring everyone in its shade, not leaving the motorists of Navi Mumbai for exception, it came surprising for us to hear the city already got its app from the traffic department on March 26. It will inform the motorists regarding auto and taxi fares, traffic rules, fines and other important details like hospital, ambulances, blood banks and more.

Named as Navi Mumbai Traffic App, this piece of mobile based application is developed by Calibre Technologies, a private software developer. Presently, the Android users are the ones to get benefitted from this technology, and no traces found of versions supported on other mobile OS.

Commenting on the same, Arvind Salve, DCP of Traffic, Navi Mumbai, said, the motive of bringing this app is to ease the life of people in Navi Mumbai. Motorists can learn a lot about the traffic rules just at their fingertip. Other emergency details can prove of great advantage in those critical times.

Traffic App For Motorists Launched In Navi Mumbai

In fact, Navi Mumbai is on the spree of being the most advanced wing of traffic departments in state. Recently, department also unveiled e-challans for the traffic offenders caught via CCTV cameras. Further on, the on-spot e-challan devices will make way to the city soon.

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