Mini Cooper Sells 241 Vehicle Units In 2012

BMW India had introduced the first Mini Cooper franchise in the Indian market at the beginning of the month of April this year and had positioned the cheerful objectives of 5-6 franchises crosswise the nation by 2012 end and the sale of about 20 to 30 Mini Cooper’s on a monthly basis.

And astonishingly, they look well on their path to accomplishing and in actual fact, getting around these placed goals.

Mini Cooper India has made entry in its seventh successive month of operation since the initial dealership was launched and statements confirm that 241 vehicle units of the highly anticipated car have been sold crosswise the country up till now, a figure, which is actually beyond the set objective.

Mini Cooper Sells 241 Vehicle Units In 2012
In addition, the vehicle is presently marketed in 3 franchises in the Indian market with the primary franchise, Infinity Cars, situated in Mumbai and 2 other dealerships in the national capital comprising Deutsche Motoren and Bird Automotive.

And now, moving forward the auto giant confirmed at the BMW X6 introduction that they plan to roll out the fourth Mini Cooper franchise in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, in line with the excellent response that the Mini has experienced in the Indian market.

At the moment, with 3 franchises already well set up and the fourth one taking place, the company is left with only 1-2 more franchises to be set up before 2012 ends.

Among the cities being regarded for the establishment of these franchises comprise Chandigarh, Bangalore as well as Pune.

At the present, the Mini is available in 3 sections in the Indian market including The Mini Cooper hatchback, convertible and the Countryman.

The reports said that the Mini Cooper carries a price tag of Rs.25.5 lakh whist the Mini Cooper S Countryman is available at a price of Rs.35.9 lakh.

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