MINI Five-Door Hatchback Appears in its First Video

New Mini with 5-doors had opened new doors; don’t be confused, it can be easily explained with its first video posted here.

The new five-door hatch from MINI is sure to give its customers a surprise when their owners who will get into it on a morning and would land onto the rear passenger seat by mistake, as they are used to their two-door format of the MINI.

However, the car with all the modern equipments is expected from a new car of this era, which is already burgeoned on the 5-door hatch of MINI.

Hope so, the new car of BMW owned cult British brand will be rolled out in showrooms soon. Available in numerous trim options of the petrol and diesel badge, this will suit the pockets of every buyer.

MINI Five-Door Hatchback Appears in its First Video

Hence, this MINI is no exception when it comes to the feel of go-kart like the other models of the brand.

Watch the video to learn more…

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