MINI Rolls-Royce Spotted in Hong Kong

 Undoubtedly, MINI and Rolls-Royce are owned by the same German brand BMW. More to it, the Rolls-Royce and MINI are British too. So the marriage of Rolls and MINI wouldn’t be unobvious to the British car lovers. And one of the diehard British car lovers in Hong Kong did what exactly he thought would be an exotic combination, a MINI with Rolls-Royce front grille.

Hopefully, he may have also changed the bonnet of the car to fit such big Greek temple-styled grille.

Under the black skin, the car is a MINI Cooper S model.

MINI Rolls-Royce Spotted in Hong Kong

Enthusiasts would know, the Spirit of Ecstasy statue is missing from the frame, and that can be only thought of when the car is a true Rolls-Royce.

At the end, a good work out of a not so conventional combination must be applauded. Question can be raised to the officials of Rolls-Royce doesn’t the Rolls-Royce hatchback of MINI-size would make way to the repertoire?

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