Mitsubishi Mirage Could Be Company’s India Bound Small Hatchback

Mitsubishi, a Japanese automobile manufacturing company has showcased its global compact vehicle called Mirage at 2011 Geneva Auto Expo. The automaker will be revealing this small hatchback in the month of December 2011 at Tokyo Auto Show. As of now, the company lacks hatchbacks in its lineup in India. This small hatchback turns out to be a life saver for the company to pull itself together to get back on track. The Japanese automaker will be revealing its small car in India in 2012.

Mitsubishi Mirage will replace the Colt model, and will feature two-tone interiors of black and beige combination, which is one of the favourite combinations most appreciated to meet the Indian vehicle demands. Its powerful engine will be equipped with start-stop mechanism with Alternator Technology, designed for enhanced fuel economy. This mechanism depends on battery for reviving lifeless engine back to life.

Mitsubishi Mirage Could Be Company's India Bound Small Hatchback

The start-stop system of Mitsubishi is tuned for minimizing emissions and maximizing fuel economy. At 1665mm wide, 1490mm and 3710mm long, the Mirage is 15mm narrower, 60mm lower and 175mm shorter as compared to current generation Colt, making it about the same size as Toyota Yaris. The company says that it has been engineered to meet the demands of both advanced and emerging markets, with emphasis on affordability, high fuel efficiency and compactness. Depending on the response for hatchback, the company might also mull over Mirage’s electric version.

Mitsubishi Mirage interior

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