Audi A4 in India: Review

The Audi A4 has been deemed in the promotional campaigns as the sedan that would make a lasting impression. True to this punch line, we find that the car not only has a neat design and elegance in the exterior; it gives you an unmatched experience once you step inside the vehicle. The Audi A4 indeed exudes grandeur whichever side or angle you look at it from. Check on Road Price


Spoiling you for Choice:

The Audi A4 will be available to you, with the option of choosing from 5 models – 3 in petrol and 2 in diesel. Petrol models are the 1.8 TFSI (the base model), 2.0 TFSI and the higher-end model the 3.2 FSI Tiptronic Quattro. The Diesel versions are the base 2.0 TDI Multitronic and the higher-end TDI Quattro.

Audi A4 in India

The Power Within:

All the different variants have different power specifications, as we were on the petrol variant the 2.0 TFSI; we restrict ourselves to talking on the same. This model generates peak power of 132KW@4000-6000rpm and a maximum torque 320Nm@1500-3900rpm.

The Exterior Package:

One indeed falls in love with the neat lines and sheer elegance of the exteriors of the Audi A4, which has taken styling to unmatched levels. Top of the line features include:

Audi A4 in India

  • Glass exterior roof.
  • Automatically dimming and folding external mirrors that can be adjusted electrically and have a memory function.
  • Rain and Light sensor.
  • Rear defogger and wash wiper.
  • Xenon plus twin functioning headlights with lights for daytime driving.
  • Front and rear door reflectors.

The Interiors:

The beauty within: Audi A4 has fully justified its presence in the segment of luxurious sedan offering a host of luxury features without neglecting the requisite standard features including a climate control A/C, an adjustable steering, adjusting driver and front rider seats, and an armrest at the centre of the rear seats. Luxury, high-end features include:

Audi A4 interior

  • 3 zone comfort auto air-conditioning.
  • Interior lighting package.
  • On board computer.
  • Audi sound system.

With a seating capacity of 5 passengers, with minimum legroom 59 cm stretchable to 84 cm, headroom 90 cm and a maximum seat width of 138 cm, the A4 is indeed catered to give its occupants a pleasant riding experience.

Acceleration and Pickup:

Taking just a shade over 4 seconds to take you to the 60 kmph and reaching 100 kmph in just above 8 seconds, days on the fast track can really be enjoyed on the A4. A top speed of 250 kmph adds further credence to this fact.

Braking and Handling:

The vehicle has been equipped with ventilated disc brakes along with 4-linked front axle suspension and the rear having stabilized Trapezoidal axle. Safety has been further enhanced with daytime running lights from LED sources that caution vehicles or persons at a distance thereby minimizing collision risks in daytime and in varied weather conditions.

Audi A4 interior Audi A4 interior Audi A4 interior

The Handling and Safety Aspect:

Car safety through central remote locking, Anti-Lock Braking System for giving the driver total control of vehicle on emergencies, Traction Control, Side and front air bags all combine to enhance safety during the ride.

Audi A4 in India


The vehicle range starts from Rs.27.69 lakhs for the standard petrol model peaking to Rs.37.72 lakhs for the higher-end diesel model.

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