Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Vs Chevrolet Captiva: A comparison

There are those who want to conquer even the most hostile territories and explore new thrills. There are those who love to live their life on the edge. If you are planning a trek to a mountain or any rough terrain, then you ought to have Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with you. This is the car that is capable of treading even the roughest of paths owing to the high durability of its tires. But there is a close contender lurking around which is as mean as the Pajero Sport. It comes from the garage of one of the largest and most prominent automobile manufacturers of the word, General Motors. Chevrolet Captiva locks horns with Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the features that both of these cars have are somewhat identical. Only that there has to be a better one amongst both, thus we will now ascertain as to which one of the two beasts has more agility.

Exteriors : –

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The exterior features given to the car are commendable as the bodyline of the car has been made keeping in mind the obstructions that the body can face. Thus Mitsubishi came up with reinforced metal for the bodyline of the car so that it does not sustain much damage in case the car gets into a collision course with some other locomotive. The finishing of the exoskeleton of the car has been done using chrome plate which gives it a powerful shielding from outside. The front grill is shaped like a vertical bar and is plated with chrome thus giving it an altogether more dynamic look. The fog lamps have also being subjected to a chrome finishing. The appearance of front facade of the car has been enhanced using headlamps which are optical looking. This makes the front fascia of the car look even more extravagant and thus anyone who gazes at the car will notice it at the first glance. The vehicle has been given sporty roof fails and the side steps have been heightened appropriately so that even an elderly person can board the car without any hassles as such. All this adds to the zest of the car and raises its elegance. The outside mirrors also have turn indicators attached to them.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi has worked a lot on the exteriors of the car and the rear has also been given a makeover. The car comes with rear wipers that are intelligent enough to start functioning as soon as a drop falls on the rear mirror. The tail lamps of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport extend and stretch into the body of the car. The car comes with a set of 17’’ alloy wheels. There tires are highly durable as the type of rubber that has been used to make them, has a high tensile strength. Other exterior features available with the car are sunglass pocket on ceiling, front as well as rear mud guard, door-courtesy lamps, etc. Thus in order to make the car stand up to its brand name, Mitsubishi has designed the car into a mean machine which can take any terrain, and shine amongst the other class of SUVs.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet Captiva

If the design of Pajero Sport has been praised, then Captiva isn’t far behind. The front as well as the rear of the car have been done up in an impressive manner. Chevrolet ensured that the car remains bulky and muscular so that it can give a much more manly appeal. The front grille of the car has a badge of Chevrolet placed on it which is something that we have seen on almost all of Chevrolet cars till date. The engine of the car has been painted in the same color as that of the bodyline of the car. The engine also has a dynamic crease attached to it which makes the car look even more robust. The side-skirts of the car have been placed at a sufficient height so that in case there is an elderly person trying to board the car, they won’t face hassles as such. The headlamps installed to the car are of high intensity and can be compared to that of a projector. Air dam has been installed in the side of the fenders in order to maintain the flow of air into the system of the car and prevent over-heating. Another feature that adds to the muscularity of the car is the flared set of wheel arches which house alloy wheels of 17’’. The overall exterior design of Chevrolet Captiva can be termed as bold and it redefines luxury in its class of SUVs. Captiva has a special feature to flaunt and that is the set of OVRMs that have been fitted to the car’s side indicators. Two blunt tail pipes have been installed in the car so that the exhaust system of the car remains effective.

Chevrolet Captiva

Interiors : –

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Since Mitsubishi Pajero Sport stands up as one of the most prominent SUVs of its class in terms of its exterior design, one must not underestimate the interiors of the car as the company has ensured that the person sitting inside the car gets a perfect feel of luxury and elegance. The seats of the car have been done up using beige leather which, if put into any car, increases the elegance statement of the car. The seating arrangement inside the cabin of the car has been made comfortable and the car can accommodate 7-8 members comfortably. The overall looks of the interiors are pretty much more alluring and commendable. So we can say that Mitsubishi has put in a lot of efforts in making the interiors of the car up to the standard it should maintain.

The seating arrangement in the car will be 3 row-seating patterns which in turn will give the other competitors a chase. The organization has also ensured while designers of the car that the revenue that these car has been increasing ever since it was officially unveiled in the market thus setting off a race amongst other fellow compatriots who have been locking horns with Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. There is a lot that Mitsubishi has put into the interiors of the car as they wanted their car to stand out amongst all the other SUVs in the market. Mitsubishi has been in the SUV market since a long time now and the company still cherishes the progress it made on the India roads in the past decade. Thus, there are a lot of achievements that the Automobile maker has in its kitty and with the new Pajero Sport, the company is said to attain new heights. The car also comes with a music system fully equipped with multiple speakers to give a surround sound inside the cabin of the car. The dashboard has been done up in a very stylish manner which is bound to appeal to every person.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport interior

There are many features in the interiors that have been made available by Mitsubishi. It has a power driver seat which is a mode in which the driver can drive more efficiently and along with that, the front console has cup holders attached. There are front door pockets on both sides that can be used to hold bottles and the music system has a multi-mode LED display. The seats can be split in 50:50 ratios, and a few more features are there such as electric tail gate opening and cargo room lamp.

Chevrolet Captiva

If Chevrolet has done a good job with the exteriors of Captiva, then the same praise might be instigated for the interiors as well. The whole finishing given to the car is praiseworthy as the seats have been done up using super-quality material that adds to the zest of the car. The interiors of the car are spacious and provide ample space for a whole healthy family to sit in it along with the driver. The car has an integrated audio system with the speakers attached to every corner of the car so that the passengers get to experience stereo surround sound.

Chevrolet Captiva is very rich when it comes to providing comfort for their car and thus the quality of interiors has been maintained by Chevrolet in Captiva just like it’s every other car. The seating arrangement that has been provided in Captiva is off the hook as the comfort level of the SUV cannot be compared to other cars since Chevrolet SUVs hold a class of their own. The seats have been covered in beige which is something that we can see in almost every high-end car and the finishing has been done using fine leather. There are a lot of handy features that have been put into the interiors of the car to increase its appeal and Chevrolet has done us all a service. There are a lot of features that have been inserted in Captiva. One of them is the automatic climate control system which adjusts the temperature inside the cabin and prevents it from becoming too hot or cold. Captiva also has a power adjustable driver seat which can be changed in 8 ways according to the convenience of the driver. The steering wheel has infotainment controls on it and can be tilted to a considerable extent according to the driver. The driver seat has a console attached to it for storage purposes.

Chevrolet Captiva interior

Other versatile features include portable ashtray, automatic level ride suspension, front door puddle lamps, dimmable instrument cluster, card holder, etc.

Ergonomics :-

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Since the car gives such a monstrous appeal, thus it is highly imminent that the car will be having a lot of power under the hood. The beastly Mitsubishi Pajero Sport comes equipped with a 2.5 Litre intercooled 6-valve DOHC common-rail Diesel enginethat is capable of churning out a maximum power of 175 bhp @ 4000 rpm as well as a peak torque of 400Nm @ 2000 rpm or even 2500 rpm. This powerful engine of Pajero Sport has been attached to a five-speed manual transmission gearbox and on top of that, Pajero Sport comes with a four-wheel drive feature. This feature is bound to increase the performance of the car off the road and thus we can call it as a crossover SUV as well. The coil spring suspension of the car has been fitted with a double wishbone whereas the rear also has a 3-link coil spring suspension.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport engine

The pick-up of the car is considerable slow as it rushes from 0-100kmph in 15.5 seconds and can go up to a maximum speed of 190 kmph.

Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet Captiva is not far behind as well in terms of ergonomics. The massive SUV comes with a 2.0 Litre in-line4 turbocharged diesel engine that operates on VCDi Fuel Injection Technology. The maximum power that this engine can generate is 150 PS @ 4000 rpm and the peak torque that the engine is capable of delivering is 320 Nm @ 2000 rpm. Both the power delivering capacity as well as the torque-delivering capability of Captiva is less than that of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport as it can be adjudged here. Captiva comes in two models out of which one has automatic transmission whereas the other one has five-speed manual transmission system. The handling of the car is very smooth and flawless.

Chevrolet Captiva engine

Safety :-

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has its own set of safety features of both active as well as passive nature. There are airbags for driver as well as front passenger and other features include anti-intrusion brake pedal, EBD, ABS, Hydraulic brake booster, collapsible steering column, etc.

Chevrolet Captiva

There are a whole range of safety features that Captiva comes with such as EBD, ABS, ESP, Side-intrusion beams, 6 airbags, 3-point seat belts, etc.

Price and Mileage :-

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has been justifiably priced at INR 23.53 Lakh and gives a mileage of 11 kmpl.

Chevrolet Captiva comes in a price range of INR 17.96 Lakh to 19.71 Lakh depending upon the variants the car comes with.

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