Mitsubishi small car unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

In the ongoing Geneva Motor Show 2011, Mitsubishi Motors finally unveiled a small concept car. Now this small concept car is different from the other small car that the manufacturer has, namely the Mitsubishi Colt. For starters, this small car looks very much like the Honda Brio and as and when it would come to India, would have a tough competition.

It is actually high time that Mitsubishi realizes that it needs to have a small car in its portfolio to bump up sales figures in India, Currently the Japanese manufacturer only has 2 sedans, which are showing their age as also a slew of hardcore SUVs, which are priced exorbitantly. Mitsubishi can also price this small concept car very competitively given that this car is of the same dimensions as the Maruti Swift. It is said to be powered by two petrol engines and both featuring Mitsubishi’s trademark MIVEC technology. Most likely both would be offered in India. One is a 1 liter engine with three cylinders and the other is also a 3 cylinder but 1.2 liter engine. Fuel efficiency would be given for this models as they would have a lightweight body shell, regenerative brake energy and Start-Stop. The last two would be a first in this segment. As of now, the scenario isn’t clear as to if this car would come to India or if its does come, will it be manufactured here or just be CKD units like most of its other products.

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