More than 20 year old cabs to be scrapped from Mumbai streets by August 2013

Mumbai roads would witness a decline in the total number of Fiat Padmini taxis by the coming month.

The State Transport Authority (STA) has cut down the maximum age of taxis in Mumbai from the 25 years as against 20 years earlier. As a result, cabs aged over twenty years would be taken away from the city roads with effect from August 2013.

The closing date for annihilating old cabs has been brought ahead by around 5 year period over the previously set date as 2018.

The verdict is being disapproved by the Mumbai taxi possessors and they are in quest of loaning amounts at a price of 4% from the administration, with the aim to put back their elderly source of living.

More than 20 year old cabs to be scrapped from Mumbai streets by August 2013
The most recent move would witness more than 10,000 vehicle units of elderly Fiat Padmini cabs getting scrapped from the city roads, which are more than twenty years old.

According to sources, a Government Resolution (GR) has brought down the upper age limit of taxis and auto rickshaw at twenty years and sixteen years, respectively.

Around 8,000 autos would be eradicated from the city streets, accompanying the most recent instruction.

The State Transport Authority’s (STA) verdict has received disapproval from the city cab as well as auto rickshaw owners. But, it also encourages the utilization of fresher vehicles, which boot out less carbon and carries better fuel consumption rate.

At the present time, old 800, Maruti Suzuki Alto in addition to other vehicles are also being utilized as cabs in the city of Mumbai. The well known Fiat Padminis, have been a vital part of city’s appeal over many years, a thing that is shortly aimed to create history.

Let’s see, how government will help these taxi and auto drivers.

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