EVs: A Curse or A Boon?

In the time of modernization, EVs are the one who are enjoying most of the fanfares of media in the automobile industry. Due to the unheard advancement being employed on them every now and then, electric vehicles tend to be the next fashionable step of people in this world. However, being charged by electric inputs, many of us are finding it not an issue to own a one. Even the next zero running cost is also tempting many to make a decision in its favor. But before getting a dose of so called modernization, one needs to see the bigger picture that is portrays clearly in the in the daylight of electrically inclining modernization. In fact, as we all know the cables that the government had laid in our cities and towns, is it capable of taking this much load at a time? Before that, follow this post keeping in mind that everyone in this universe is driving a EV and we all of us have became used to it. Hence, our job will become easy to mellow you down our thoughts through the memory lane.

The infrastructure that is already provided to us is sketched taken into perception that we will use the normal type of gadgets in our life. And it is the same story since years; no amendment had been made to it. Hopefully, if all of us start charging the EVs in that same socket, then as a result the overloaded wires will start melting down explaining the strong reason for which they are unable to hold excess capacity of our changing lifestyle. Most probably that will be the first common problem which we will face in the recent times of EV’s generation. It is not all, the time that is during evening hours, when all of us will return from the work then will plug-in the vehicle at a same time. This again will lead the nuisances of electrical fuss at many places. As a solution, one may be thinking why not then install an additional system to the existing one.

EVs A Curse or A Boon?

To your answer, that a may take a decade of time to complete the whole procedure and also the tremendous amount of expenditure to cover their maintenance. And at the time of crisis, we must think, is the government going to do this much of expenditure that too merely for the sake of EVs? We hope the official governing body has other important things to look into for flowing this much amount of funds. Just learnt, there is a technology in the development which will ease the processes of car charging. It will make a common station and the charging point; in between it is so smart that will cater charge to one of the vehicle by putting on hold the other one so as to maintain constancy. This charging station will be made to work in the fullest when all household usages comes to a minimum, means at some of the late hours in night. There are solar powered charging points too. We say what one will do in the season of monsoon. Moreover, it also requires the electricity to complete up a charge in the fullest manner. Completely relying on the sun will consume our lot of time for filling the EVs. Anyhow, if I considered that EVs can do with that dwindling and crumbling refilling infrastructure then also it does not command the whole dynasty over the fossil fuel. What if the vehicle ends up amid a highway in the dead dark of night due to the empty charge. A fossil fuel driven car owner can take the gallon to a nearest petrol pump and get the things swayed into its way, but the EV owner had to strand at that point only till the sun rises and some passerby or the trailer may tow its vehicle to the nearest charging station.

On the other side of flip, there are fossil fuels which had made their presence in this worlds for quite long. In fact one can say they had their roots engraved deep in the ground, that’s true! It takes only minutes to refill our fuel tank and get started off in the very next jiff. Hence, a pipeline or a tanker fills in the underground tank of petrol pump, and no issues in filling the various applications from it. Even one can get it stacked away in the miles of deserts and seas. Just fill a tanker (vehicle) and carry onto your desired route. In today’s times we can witness that one country is exporting these fuels to another one where there is a scarcity. This shipping route is being carried from generation and no negative feedbacks had arrived out it in this much long past.

Now we think it’s the time for conclusion. After seeing the merits and demerits of both aspects, I say, we can have the good of both. It means, the main line to drive the vehicle should be electrically charged but in parallel to it, the car companies should also come up with the fossil fuel drivetrain in that same vehicle which will take on the responsibility if the charging of battery ends. Hopefully, it is good to see on the paper only. It will not find the actual place in the true automotive world, because the worst of electrical fuss is laden as a burden to the conventional fossil fuels. Hopefully, we are waiting for the nuclear scientist to do the things for us, which we say will be powerful enough, and could also be shipped easily to any corner of the world. And they are in abundance too!

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