Car Accessories to have during COVID lockdown

Must Have Car Accessories During Lockdown - Details With Pricing

We have curated the must-have accessories for your car in case of COVID lockdown & in general, to safeguard yourself from pollutants.

Let us have a look at these must have car accessories

Jumper Cable

The first accessory that you must have considering the lockdown, is a jumper cable. With restrictions in place, our beloved cars are left stranded in the parking lot, and if not given a weekly engine warm-up, chances are the vehicle’s battery will drain out.  In such situations, a jumper cable is always handy, as you can jump start your car with a neighbour’s vehicle battery. The Amazon Basics jumper cable is an amazing product at a great price. The 6 feet cable costs Rs 672. You can even buy a longer cable of 16 & 20 feet, according to your needs. 


  • 10 Gauge- 12 Feet Jumper Cable
  • Also Available in length of 16  & 20 Feet 

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Air Pump

A majority of people fill their car’s tyre with normal air instead of nitrogen, and with time the air can escape through the valve and sidewalls. In case of an emergency, a flat tyre can be a stressful situation and that’s the last thing you’d want to ruin your day with. The Amazon Basics Air Pump is a heavy-duty and reliable air pump that can fill up tyres with air that has a rating of 120 psi. The air pump can run continuously for ten minutes before it needs to shut down for cooling the motor. It comes with an auto-shutoff feature, to avoid any damage to the motors. It comes with a digital gauge to set the pressure of air. The power cord is 10 feet long, which is enough to connect it with your car’s 12V socket and reach all four corners of your vehicle. This amazon basics air pump is priced at Rs 2449,  after a discount, which makes it completely worth the money. 


  • 12-volt portable tyre inflator
  • For tyres with a 120 psi rating
  • 10-foot power cord 
  • Long 23.6-inch air hose easily reaches all tyres
  • Digital Gauge with Auto Shut Off Capability
  • LED light offers useful illumination when working in dark lighting

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Sanitiser Spray

To avoid any chances of contracting the coronavirus, you should always keep a sanitiser spray in your car to disinfect the vehicle or any shopping bags that you’re keeping in your vehicle. The Eyetech sanitiser spray is an affordable spray that can be used for multiple spaces, including your car, office, home etc. This product can hold up to 30ml of sanitiser liquid. It can be charged via a USB cable in the car. The USP of this product is the small size of the machine, it can be easily kept in the glove box or the cup holders permanently. This product costs Rs 299, after a discount on the Amazon store. 


  • Capacity- 30ml
  • Ideal for Homes, Offices, Cars etc.
  • Spray machine can be refilled and recharged
  • Comes with a portable USB cable.

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Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes always come in handy in a car, keeping covid in mind, it’s a great idea to always keep it in the car, as it helps in wiping your hands and face, to keep you safe from the virus. This helps people who have sensitive skin, as excessive use of alcohol-based sanitizers can be irritating to the skin and might damage it in the long run.

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Car Covers

If your car is outside most of the time without any roof or covering, you should consider buying yourself car covers appropriate to your car. A car cover really helps in ensuring your car remains clean and increases the body life of your car.

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Do feel free to add your favourites in comments for must have car accessories.

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