Nagel Dakkar SUV unveiled by Dartz

The SUV market is escalating to new heights and this has been the trend since last few years. The rage of SUV has now spread across nations and thus more and more automakers are rolling out meaner and more aggressive sports utility vehicles in order to fulfill the interests of automobile enthusiasts. Dartz, which happens to be an ubercool SUV specialist from Latvia has now released sketches of its upcoming monster and will be unleashing it into the arena anytime soon provided that it gets a proper platform to start off. Jo-Mojo was one of the premier electric and armored vehicles manufactured by them which still run now but to compete with itself, Dartz will start working on the new SUV that they’ve named as “Nagel Dakkar”.

The reason behind the name comes from a person by then name Andrew Nagel who was a Russian pilot. He won the acclaimed Monte Carlo Rally which was held exactly 100 years back in 1912. He was also the person to drive and cover across whole of the Sahara Desert. This mean feat was achieved by him a year later. The press conference for Nagel Dakkar was carried out recently where Dartz revealed that Nagel Dakkar was one of the first of the new concept of cars by the name B.N.U.D.S which stands for Bespoke, Noble, Urban, Desert and Safety. Thus this car has been made for even the roughest terrains and can tread on them without throwing the car off course. The tires attached to the car are highly tensile and can take up a lot of resistance thus ensuring high durability and traction control.

Nagel Dakkar SUV unveiled by Dartz

Saxon Automobile Manufacturers have manufactured and designed the exoskeleton of the car. The whole outlining of the car has been made into a tubular frame that gives a racing appeal. Carbon Kevlar has been used to make the body of the car so that there is no unnecessary weight in the car which hinders the speed attainability.

There is a lot that still has to be put into the car and the expected dimensions of the car are said to be 193 inches long, 66 inches tall and 78 inches wide. Coming to the ergonomics of the car, Nagel Dakkar has immense power under its hood and boasts of a twin-turbocharged AMG-sourced V8 engine that is capable of delivering a maximum horsepower of 650hp and a torque of 626lb-ft. There is a dual-clutch gearbox carrying 7 speed transmission system. The top speed of the car has been measured and it comes out to be an impressive 155 miles per hour.

There is a hefty price tag attached to the car. It is being said that the car would hit the markets next year and the price range would be $390,000 – $468,000. The aim of Dartz is to roll out at least 10 units of the car in the next fiscal when it is launched and upgrade to more units in the upcoming years.

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