Need for Speed Rivals Announced

It was yesterday when we got our hands on the first look of Forza Motorsport 5, uncovered along with Xbox One, and now we managed to get the bits of Need for Speed Rivals.

EA Sports announced the launch of bespoken game title to happen on 19th November 2013, and for raising the excitement quotient they have landed us with trailer of same.

In the video, one can find Ferrari F12 Berlinetta being chased by McLaren MP4-12C cop-car taking the stride in one of the corner drifts, and that’s where the clipping ends, leaving us starved with half filled stomach of adrenaline rush.

Need for Speed Rivals Announced

The most important factor that is seen in racing games are metals and only metals, for which every makers screeches tremendously to get the best in their kitty. As seen in the fifth generation of Forza Motorsport, McLaren steps in the shoes of Maranello based Ferrari, which now seems NFS would have signed in a hefty deal for earning the Prancing Horse to make a flashy comeback after a period of seven years.

No need to crumble on the seats, EA had promised to divulge more information on this topic at E3, which is said to be made available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS 3 and PS 4.

Until things come to proper light, watch the posted video to relieve senses from the dosage of high octane.

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