Netherland Tank Brake Test is Insane: Watch Video

Netherland may not be having a resound army fleet in the world, but it is obvious that they had one of the best tanks braking technique in the world.

Well, the braking technique is not the one jagged with the high-tech gadgets and equipments, instead they make their people stand amidst the road and gushes the tank towards them risking their lives almost to death.

Hope so, this may sound insane to a lot, but we had a video to show as a proof of the same.

In the video clip, it does looks like a beautiful portrait photo shoot, let us tell you it isn’t that way said. The video is not morphed nor does it have some of the technical graphic excellence jinxed. It is true to its color and is worth watching one time at least.

Netherland Tank Brake Test is Insane

Watch the video and do tell us what one feels if he/she would be standing in the fleet of people mend testing the army tanks – the Dutch Way.

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