The New Mercedes S-Class Coupe Unveiled

Mercedes Benz has revealed the company’s new S-Class coupe. This car will be the first series of production model that will be launched by Mercedes Benz and will also feature a new advanced tilt function that will allow the car to lean when negotiating corners. The new S-Class is expected to be offered to the customers by the end of 2014. The car has been scheduled to make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show that will be held next month.

The new features that are included in the car have been integrated with the control system, which is also seen in the latest S-Class saloon, called the Magic Body Control system. These additional features of the car will form a series of technologies with enhanced comfort, and will compete with its greatest rival, the Bentley Continental GT. In the regular line-up of Mercedes Benz, the new S-Class coupe is expected to replace the CL. The car has been given the code name C117. In order to make the car visually different from the saloon, it features great styling along with a significant muscular appearance. These make it quite different compared to the other two doors that have tried to do the same.

New Mercedes S-Class Coupe
Currently Mercedes Benz has confirmed only one engine for the new S-Class. This will be the V8, 4.6-litre, twin-turbo engine. As a result of the changes that the engine has undergone, it can now produce power up to 448bhp with a maximum torque of 516pound per feet. The company will also offer a 4Matic wheel drive to the customers.

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