New CEO for Mercedes Benz India

Wilfried Aulbur’s name is synonymous with Mercedes Benz India Limited. He has been the MD and CEO of the company since the year 2005. Under his leadership, the company has been giving tough competition to its other German compatriots in India, namely the BMW India group and the Audi India Limited.

Unfortunately his tenure comes to an end with Mercedes Benz India Limited and now the person replacing him is a veteran in the company. He is Peter T Honegg. Mr Peter T Honegg has been with Mercedes since 1976 and was the CEO and President of the Malaysian branch of Mercedes Benz. He has a vast expertise in handling of emerging markets and hence was deemed as the perfect choice for the post left by Mr Wilfried Aulbur. It is noteworthy that under his leadership, the Malaysian division registered the highest number of sales for Mercedes Benz worldwide.

We have come to know the former CEO as been a very media friendly and outspoken person. It remains to be seen if Mr Honegg can fill those shoes properly or not. He is expected to lead starting the first quarter of 2011.

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