Nissan Teana price in India will be slashed

Nissan India Limited have been venturing deeper and deeper into the Indian automobile scene. With most of the automobile manufacturers hiking the price of their cars in 2011, Nissan on the other hand will reduced the price of the Nissan Teana shortly. This is actually a breath of fresh air since the Nissan Teana was always a worthy alternative to the Toyota Camry however the price equation made it seem to disappear into oblivion.

The Nissan Teana was launched in India in 2007 however due to its high price has become the favorite of only the hotel brigade. This car earlier came to India via the CBU (Completely Built Unit) route however now it will come through the CKD way (Completely-Knocked Down unit).  This translates to savings of taxes and import duty to the tune of about 90% from February 2011. Nissan India Limited will assembled the car at their Chennai plant. This very capable sedan would now be available with a price reduction of couple of lakhs.

The Nissan Teana price in India is Rs 26.65 lakhs however after the price reduction, it will be available at a very cost competitive rate. This should widen its appeal and help it bring in the desired sales for Nissan India Limited.

One thought on “Nissan Teana price in India will be slashed

  1. It seems that all the world is now coming to Indian shores. This decade has been one of the promising one as almost all the brands that we used to dream about has come to Indian shores with open hands. And pne of the brand I never expected to see in India is the Nissan. Yes even I think that Nissan is going deeper and deeper into the Indian market. What I wonder is that with just 1 car manufacturing lacolly how can this be possible. Anyways I won’t bother myself with that.
    It was the best idea to decrease the price of Nissan Teana, as the price of this car was making much it impossible for the customer. Wise decision I would say…

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