New Ferrari Enzo Chassis revealed

The upcoming 2013 Ferrari Enzo will be 20 percent lighter, rigid and stiffer – all these can be attributed to the use of latest carbon fiber and technology derived from the Ferrari F1 team.

The former technical director at Ferrari F1, Rory Byrne, who also led the team to the 2011 F1 championship, has been overseeing the project and claims that the use of carbon fiber will be uncontended by any other carmaker. By this statement it is clear that Ferrari is considering itself way ahead of rivals like Mclaren and Porsche in use of composite materials.

New Ferrari Enzo Chassis revealed

Byrne said that by using different type of materials and fabric weaves has opened up several opportunities to improve car in every area. He also added that by use of different forms of carbon fiber based on the loads experienced by the areas of the chassis, they were able to deliver proper and adequate strength.

Other weight saving and performance enhancing techniques have been used in the car like integrating suspension pickup points on chassis, fuel tank protection and crossmember for dashboard. The battery compartment and the seats have also been integrated with the chassis. It is believed that the chassis weighs just 70kg.

The extra rigid structure also provides options for packaging improvement. Byrne said that this chassis is the result of the new developments in the finite element analysis in recent years. Byrne has been working on the project for nearly two years (since it was started).

Byrne also suggested that by using the same technique they will be able to reduce considerable weight of the car. He suggested that the curb weight of the car will be around 1100 kg. The car will be revealed late this year.

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