Volkswagen to launch Polo 1.5 Diesel

It’s now confirmed that Volkswagen will soon be introducing a new 1.5 litre diesel engine in its Polo 2014 model. The speculation about the new diesel engine had started a year ago and is believed to be a downgraded version of the Vento’s 1.6 litre diesel mil.

The new is engine is said to have been specially developed for Indian road conditions, according to the Chief Product Advisor Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg. He also added that the new engine will be featuring different strokes and bore. The downsizing of the engine has involved development of several new components like rings, connecting rods and piston. The strict validation process has also consumed much of the two year development time.

Volkswagen to launch Polo 1.5 Diesel

Volkswagen is also hoping to assemble engine in India to reduce cost. Currently 1.6 litre engine is being imported from South Africa.

With the introduction of the new 1.5 litre diesel, Volkswagen is hoping to draw in more customers for Polo which is currently facing quite tough competition in premium hatchback market from i20 and Maruti Swift. The new engine with four-cylinder is expected to be more powerful than the current 1.2 litre 2 cylinder engine. Currently the engine is still in its developmental stage, so torque and power data have not yet been revealed.

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