New Mercedes Benz M-Class coming to India this May

The latest M-Class of Mercedes-Benz will be launched this month or may be next month at a price of Rs.69 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai). The cars of the first few consignments will be absolutely feature loaded and completely imported. The company was trying to keep the price within Rs.60 lakh as the M-Class is a mere five-seatersedan.However, after the budget the things took a turn and changed. The cars that would arrive at a later stage will be seen with a more aggressive price tag.

The New Mercedes Benz M-Class is lengthier by 23mm and wider by 14mm while it sits low at 20mm in comparison to the old car. These small changes have given the car a very much dynamic look compared to its past models. The enunciated arches of the wheel and the headlights, adds to its SUV appeal. This new SUV is a much more comfortable car to drive. The chassis has been reworked upon extensively while the double wishbone suspension to enhance the charismatic properties and response of this SUV weights more than two tonne.

New Mercedes Benz M-Class coming to India this May

The ML 350 CDI will be brought first.However, there could be offers of other types of engines at a later stage. This engine develops 34 bhp more than the previous model making it a total of 258 bhp with a good enough torque of 63.2kgm. This engine is mated with the seven speed 7G Tronic auto’ box transmission that gives the SUV an enhanced pick up and speed. It comes with the fixed four-wheel drive as a standard option with start-stop mechanism and a road package of six- stage on/off makes it very unique in its segment.

The inside of the cabin of this SUV is as much attractive as its exterior. It has been built with a range of top-quality materials that give its interior a superb look. The instrument cluster has an entertainment system which is state-of-the –art. It can easily accommodate five passengers in the cabin while there is no denial in the luxury credentials a SUV of Mercedes-Benz usually has in its cars. If Mercedes can get it assembled in India, then the price would automatically come down making it extremely hard to ignore.

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