New Nissan Juke Enters Production in UK

New Nissan Juke is about to take the market’s plight in its stride soon in Europe – as entered production in the Nissan’s Sunderland plant of UK.

Successfully, Nissan had already built and supplied 540,000 Jukes from its UK facility since 2010, and hopes to be sold in great numbers again the new Juke that has rolled out with fresh updates. The Japanese carmaker invested £20m in the facility to notch it to the level of this new vehicle. New engines and technologies and a wide-ranging personalisation programme are also provided.

“The launch of the new Juke completes the total refresh of the plant’s product line-up in just over a year, following the start of production of Nissan’s all-electric LEAF, new Note and new Qashqai in Sunderland, representing over £800m investment and supporting more than 38,000 UK automotive jobs” said the official press release of Nissan.

New Nissan Juke Enters Production in UK

Commenting on the same, Nissan’s Vice President for Manufacturing in the UK, Kevin Fitzpatrick said: “The launch of the new Juke further strengthens Nissan’s command of the crossover market. With a new Qashqai and now a new Juke in production at Sunderland, the crossover has become part of this plant’s DNA.

“This significantly revised new Juke is another example of how we never stand still at Nissan, so we are looking for experienced maintenance professionals who can help us build on our recent achievements and support the efficient running of the plant.”

New Nissan Juke

Confronting the changes on new Juke, they can be named as new design at the front and rear, a new downsized DIG-T 115 turbocharged engine offering greater performance, economy and lower emissions, a revised DIG-T 190 engine, advanced equipment including a new audio system, the latest generation Nissan Connect driver-vehicle interface, Nissan Safety Shield, Nissan’s Dynamic Control system, plus a new open-air panoramic glass roof.

For the customers, Nissan had also enhanced the space in the luggage compartment by 40 per cent in two-wheel drive versions. And the carmaker also introduced new personalisation programme called ‘Nissan Design Studio’, offering a range of new colours, interior and exterior themes.

New Nissan Juke Enters Production

The new Juke is on sale now in the UK and across all European markets in the coming weeks.

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