New Polo R WRC, Volkswagen’s Re-entry Model for the World Rally Championships

Volkswagen recently announced that they would re-enter the World Rally Championships by 2013, with their choice model being a car based on their Polo platform. This car, called the Polo R WRC will be powered by a TSI 1.6l engine which delivers around 300 bhp.

According to regulations laid down by the FIA WCR, the car should be a four-wheel drive, be turbocharged and have a direct injection fuel system. The concept model will feature a wider profile, new hood which has vents, air scoop for the roof and a huge rear wing. During the eighties, Volkswagen took part in many rallies. They also managed to win a title in the WRC. Peter Diekmann and Kenneth Ericksson, were the drivers who led the then VW Golf GTI to a win in 1986.

Apart from Polo, the Swift from Maruti Suzuki and Skoda Fabia are the only hatchbacks sold in India, that presently take part in the major rally championships. VW’s Polo also plays a part in the Indian racing field. The Polo Cup plays a big role in the National Racing Championships.

Apart from the Polo Cup in India, VW also takes part in other motorsports like the Jetta Cup, held in China, the Germany Scirocco R Cup and the Dakar rally dominated by VW’s Race Touaregs. Now all that remains is to see a street legal variant of this car, and knowing that it is a VW make, you can expect it to be out soon.

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