New sound range Velocity and Blue magic launched by Blaupunkt India

Blaupunkt India is one of the leading firms, specializing in designing hi tech car infotainment systems. Blaupunkt has just launched its new range of advanced sound systems for 4 wheelers. These are named as Velocity and Blue Magic. The director of Blaupunkt India, Mr. Pankaj Jagwani, said that, “With four times more power, the velocity car audio range promises to change the sound experience in India, whereas the Blue Magic Series are meant to give you high power, deep bass, and great peak power handling. We are confident that both these products will be well received by the auto industry in India.”

Blaupunkt is a German company that was established in the year 1923. It specializes in designing sophisticated and hi tech sound systems for home use as well for automobiles. It started with the name “Ideal”. In the year 1933, it was acquired by Robert Bosch and finally in the year 1938 it was renamed as Blaupunkt. In India, it works through its subsidiary, Blaupunkt India.

Let’s take a look at both the devices launched by Blaupunkt India.

Blaupunkt India launches Velocity


Blaupunkt India has launched a new sound range named Velocity. The newly launched Velocity, is available in two different models. The two models are VX 652 and VX 692 and some new models will be coming in the year ahead. It can be fitted in many different cars to have a great sound clarity for different types of music.


  • Large magnets
  • Basket Geometry
  • Power range- 80 Watts (nominal), 320 Watt (maximum)
  • Unique digital sound technology
  • High quality sound reproducibility for any music
  • Super quality material

Blue Magic

This sound system has a stylish exterior made up of advanced material and holds a great metallic mesh grille that raises the standard of every vehicle it is fitted in. This system uses a Class D high powered Amplifier with highly co-ordinated sub woofers. These sub woofers help in power handling offering a deep bass.

The advanced technology produces very little heat. They have a compact size which makes their installation easier be it any car. The models XLB 200 and XLB 300A offers a Gain remote control, which allows easy control of it right from the cock pit. The model XLF 200A can be charged very easily through any Easy Power Connection (EPC). The 12V supply of the Cigarette lighter compartment is sufficient to charge it up.


  • Power requirements – 500 Watt RMS with maximum output of 1000 Watts
  • Centralized speaker location
  • Automatic power on
  • Highly co ordinated sub woofers
  • Class D amplifier
  • Wired remote control
  • Attractive mesh grille

The Blue Magic speakers are highly designed to offer a refined sound quality and rich bass. These speakers have a superior injected PP membrane. Blaupunkt has used attractive cone colours and great body to give it a very stylish look. There is a big ring around the huge magnet offering a classic look. Four modes of speakers are available namely Co axial, tri and quad axial


  • 8 different models in 5 different sizes
  • Great look
  • Co, tri, and quad axial speakers
  • Flange design
  • Heat dissipation via Vent holes
  • Injected PP membranes

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