Renault Announces Unorthodox Twizy Cargo

Taking out tools from a vehicle is not generally the technique to turn it more attractive, but an innovative alternative of the Renault Twizy city vehicle may have executed just that.

Named as the Renault Twizy Cargo, the French car manufacturer has took out the back seat from the Twizy’s standard tandem arrangement, substituting it with a superior storage region now available through a hatch at the back of the car.

Not only does it now offer 6.3 cubic feet of storage volume–just 1.4 cu-ft less than that of the Smart ForTwo, and massively larger as compared to the Twizy’s standard trunk space–it also valued less to purchase and run.

That’s because, as a commercial vehicle, business users in the United Kingdom and other Europe can get back the vehicle’s buying tax, or value-added tax.

Renault Announces Unorthodox Twizy Cargo
That, in turn, saves around $1,000 on the price of a standard Twizy (down to approximately $9,600), whilst running costs get reduced in addition, since biz users can also retrieve value-added tax on the monthly battery rent.

For anyone capable of registering the vehicle as business expenditure, it indicates the Twizy Cargo creates more sense as compared to the typical vehicle.

Consider the standard vehicle’s inadequate back passenger space, and utilizing that room to stock up luggage appears a little more appealing.

Renault Announces Unorthodox

Renault said that the Twizy Cargo would be ideal for information technology engineers and their devices, or possibly delivery of pizza –the back cargo space capable of taking a hoard of pizza boxes.

Range is the similar 50-or-so miles as the normal vehicle, whilst charging from a standard European 220-240 volt wall socket requires 3.5 hours from empty.

The Twizy Cargo’s introduction matches up with the company’s “design your own Twizy” plan, permitting prospective clients to pick from 43 color patterns and thirty pre-designed covers to personalize their cars.

Naturally, and sadly for a few, the new vehicle stays a Europe-only car. However with a lesser value, anticipate seeing a few more of them running around on your next vacation or biz tour.

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