New Sports Car Concept Teased by Mazda

Mazda will be showcasing fourteen models at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, one of which will be the rumoured RX-8 successor. Following the roll out of the final RX-8 way back in 2012, rumour mills have been running abound that there would be a successor announced to the car. The RX-8 was hugely popular and is considered one of Mazda’s iconic creations. Mazda too is giving fuel to rumours and have hinted towards a new sports car, but have stopped short of making anything official.

It is well known that Ikuo Maeda, the design honcho at Mazda would like to bring back the RX series, including the legendary RX-7. He has also stated that the car should have a rotary because that’s what makes it part of the RX series. The teaser images though that have been seen, are of car which has a sloping silhouette, long nose, dual exhausts and muscular wheel arches. The car may well be a Kodo design language evolution which would put it in line with the MX-5 Miata. No details are yet available from Mazda about the power train of the car and mechanical and technical details of the car will have to wait till it is officially seen at the Motor Show.

New Mazda sports car concept teased

Among the other cars that will be on view from Mazda at the Motor Show include the 967 Mazda Cosmo Sport 110S which will be the first rotary powered mass production model from the company as well as the Mazda Koeru.

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