Upcoming Sport Pickup Teased by Fiat

Fiat is coming out with a sport utility pickup which is being called the “Toro” and the company has teased the car before an official launch. The vehicle is a ‘cross-breed’ of sorts as it is said to bring together the characteristics and strengths of a truck and combine it with the driveability that comes with an SUV.

Looking at the teaser images, it does look like the car is similar to the FCC4 four-door concept in terms of design. The concept has been seen at Sao Paolo Motor Show last year and there are a lot of takeaways from that and the teaser image.

Upcoming Sport Pickup Teased by Fiat

In terms of engine, Fiat is rumoured to have based the vehicle on the present gen Mitsubishi Triton and is set to borrow the engine from the company with a bi-fuel 1.8-litre motor delivering about 140bhp in terms of power.
The Toro is also likely to come with both a two wheel as well as a four wheel drive option.
The car looks sleek and stylish with a hexagonal grill on the front fascia, a tall front end and sleek LED headlights and has been designed keeping South America largely in mind. Pickups in the continent are on high demand and the company is looking to cash in on this with its line up. The Toro will be one sale following an official debut and is set to take on the Volkswagen Amarok and the Toyota HiLux.

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