Next Ferrari California to come with Turbo Power

A disguised Ferrari California mule is supposedly testing running gears and powertrains for the next generation model that is likely to hit the market around 2014-15.

The key change will be the engine in the next gen car. The witnesses confirms that the mule sounded more like a turbocharged unit and is most probably housing a new V8 that is in production at the Maranello plant.

The bonnet has been raised and extra air vents have been added that makes it clear that turbo charged unit requires some height and more efficient heat management. The exhaust was also spotted to be quite unusual.

Next Ferrari California to come with Turbo Power
However, according to the sources inside the company, the exhaust is just the requirement and has been installed on the test mule only. This is due to the strict rules that follow Fiorano test circuit, which restricts high noise that could disturb local residents.

The new V8 is designed by the Ferrari California itself and has already hit the production line. The engine has just appeared in the Maserati Qattroporte in a twin turbo 3.8-litre version, but there is yet no news if Ferrari will be using the same specification of its car.

Despite the Maserati debut Ferrari has already confirmed that the engine is all theirs with the design and production at Maranello facility.

Ferrari has already confirmed that they have been working on the downsizing their engines to meet the tough norms for exhaust and emission tests. But the sources suggests that downsizing would not be required with the California as 3.8 V8 could easily meet the exhaust and emission norms at the same time matching the 453 bhp output of the current naturally aspirated 4.3 housed in California.

The twin turbo version that is hired in the Maserati Quattroporte already delivers about 523 bhp of power, despite that Ferrari will try to deliver the power that their owners are already familiar with. Date for the California replacement is also on the hand, as Ferrari follows a 5 year replacement cycle for its mid-engine cars and seven year cycle for V12 models.

Some of the people are also suggesting about a six year replacement cycle for Ferrari California, that will mean debut at the end of 2014 and sales to commence from 2015 for a car that was first seen in late 2008 and was launched in early 2009.

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