Jeep to come with Wrangler in Indian market

Jeep Wrangler is planning to enter Indian market in the quarter three of 2013, has already created a lot of excitement among the off-roaders. The company is planning to start its business in India by introducing two models through the CBU mode initially but eventually will start the local assembly of the vehicle.

The first model to hit the Indian shores will be the jeep Wrangler, which is actually the successor to the famous World War II jeep Willys CJ. India will be getting the latest four door version of the Wrangler that will be housing a 2.8-litre common rail diesel engine delivering about 197 bhp and 46 kgm of torque. The thing that will be exciting the off-roaders will be live-axles that will be featuring in the front and rear part of the vehicle just like the previous version of the CJ. This feature will be making it one of the most serious off-roaders available in India. While the latest Wrangler has retained the tough and hardcore looks, it is by far one of the most capable off-roader in the world.

Jeep to come with Wrangler in Indian market
Despite of all the features and specs, Wrangler will be having only a limited appeal to Indian consumers. The jeep Wrangler mechanical bits are designed to sustain hardcore off-roading that means it will not be very practical for daily use. As the vehicle is touted to come via CBU route it is expected to be quite expensive with a price tag of around Rs.35 lakh. Even with that it will be delivering much of the Hummer appear without the extra impractical size and could appeal to many.

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