Next-gen Ford Endeavour (aka Everest) on its way?

Since we had reported some months back about the next-generation Ford Everest (aka Endeavour) spotted testing somewhere in Australia, it is now learnt some sources has leaked the clear images of same on the internet.

The leaked image clearly tells what’s going on there on the mindset of Ford, which means after shredding the boxy and bigdaddy’s attire, it is going to usurp the lines of swiftness and more angular stances to stand frugal for the present market scenario.

Though the car seems resembling a lot to its younger sibling EcoSport, which doesn’t leaves any of the doubts yet, front grille, rear windshield and many others affirms our clause aggressively. This time Ford is expected to do with the three row seating arrangement. We hope the Toyota Fortuner and Isuzu MU-7 in Asia who are its strong competitors may also feel the heat in a tempted manner via this sort.

Ford Everest Concept
As we said the front is done with the EcoSport’s type of image, rear is made to snug a bit which is making it to look similar like that of the Toyota’s Fortuner. Even the ‘Everest’ inscribed on the chromed strip boot lid of the car also seems to be of the Japanese’s cued.

And as usual, being the cosmetic change only, technicalities are said to remain same with that of the ongoing 2.2 liter and 3.0 liter diesel motors.

Don’t expect a lot from this line, there are mild rumors in the industry about debuting of the next-gen Everest at the next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ford Everest Concept Back View

However, send us your views of the unveiling of same if you have any!

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