Next-Gen Honda Brio To Get 1.2-Litre Three-Cylinder Diesel Engine

It’s been so long, the Honda Brio – smallest Honda in India which has remained almost the same over years – has knocked some excitement on its head that may surge its sales in the future.

Confirming one exclusive note, Honda now reported of developing a smaller diesel engine of 1.2-liter 3-cylinder especially for the “next-gen Brio”.

In India, the Japanese carmaker has recently brought 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel mill in the bay of Amaze and City, of which both the cars have successfully paraded towards the next household name after the Maruti. Hence, this new development in the small car segment will make the carmaker to surge ahead of the rest, selling the bulk volumes probably even better than Alto if the oil burner may get well-tuned to the tone of car.

Next-Gen Honda Brio To Get 1.2-Litre Three-Cylinder Diesel Engine

With numerous counter attacks from the 1.5-liter EarthDreams diesel, the new mill will also gain the Honda to take on the likes of Grand i10, Beat and everyone else who have came to the market, or vying to do so.

Well, the works at Honda for 1.2L-iDTEC seems to take some time for completion so the power output cannot be exacted at this stage. Being developed in-line with the same context to bigger diesel engines, company is also expected to derive the cost benefits.

So, stay tuned soon, the good news will hit doldrums and mark outstanding fuel-efficiency figures from the chunk.

Launch of next-gen Brio expected to happen in 2017.

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