Next generation BMW X1 will be a crossover: Spy Shots

Well, the BMW X1 is not too old to be redesigned for a new generation. But contradicting to this fact, lensman at CarScoops had clicked some spy-shots which claims, BMW is planning a successor to the X1, which will most probably be looking like an all new crossover rather than depicting the present-generation’s compact SUV looks.

Hence, the spy-shot is said to have been clicked inside the BMW’s factory somewhere in Europe, so there is very less possibility that this vehicle may belong to some of the other automotive flick. The Munich based carmaker had gone deep with this revampation work, so it had codenamed it as “F48”.

However, we learnt, the 2016 BMW X1 will be switching to carmakers front wheel platform dubbed as UKL1 from the current one of rear-wheel driven chassis. In addition, the Bavarians had also figured out to switch its other model too on the UKL1, where next-generation Minis and 1 Series GT are there to name a few.

Spyshots Next Generation BMW X1
Hopefully, the assimilation of UKL1 with the X1 means, engine-bay too will be refreshed. The new-generation of powerplant raging four cylinders will be accompanying it, while the present generations’ 1.5L turbocharged of 3-cylinder and the six-cylinder units not meant to be finding themselves compatible with this car. Expectations are there that 2016 BMW X1 will debut by 2015, and since then it will start flourishing the showrooms. The decision of roll-out is solely dependent upon the brand’s executives respective of their given regions.

Next Gen BMW X1 Spy Photos

Spyshots Next Generation BMW X1 Back View

Image Courtesy: CarScoops

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