Mercedes Benz S Class extended wheelbase spied at Nurburgring: Watch Video

Mercedes Benz S Class extended wheelbase is been on our target since it was spied firstly. Henceforth, presently it had become a swooping sensation of the whole automotive world.

It is said because, the Munich based carmaker targeted Rolls Royce Phantom at the arrowhead of LWB (longer wheelbase) S Class. Hence, the said comment was enough to make stir around the new S Class, which is scheduled for making debut somewhere by 2015. Disappointingly, the spotted vehicle is not the successor to Maybach which was sighted to aim the Phantom; instead it is just the extension of present-generation S Class which will beef up the Mercedes Benz product range wherever it will be launched.

Though the umpteen numbers of spy-shots filled our pots of aspiration for LWB S Class completely, but the ‘breathtakingly captured video clip’ was still left to fill in our final words for it. Hence, our friends at World Car Fans now plonked the last stone in our pot and gave us the video for which we had been craving.

Mercedes Benz S Class

The video was captured when the car was doing test rounds at famous Nürburgring race track in Germany. It can be taken that, new S Class with the extended wheelbase will put on offer the 2+2 seating arrangement, where cosmetically on outside the quarter glass at rear will be seen assimilated with the cars’ body itself, rather than getting attached to the doors in the ongoing range.

Mercedes had confirmed LWB S Class officially too.

To an extent the carmaker had also claimed of rolling out Maybach successor dubbed S Class Pullman sometime at a near future for rivaling Rolls Royce Phantom.

Video Courtesy: WorldCarFans

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