Next Generation Honda Jazz Leaked: Details and Images Available

Just last week we had posted the rendered image of new generation Honda Fit aka Honda Jazz on our website. And now some of the websites had came up with ‘original’ leaked images of same, where we can speak a lot of cluster on this topic relating a whole new term to the meaning of hatchback segment.

The leaked images are implying the new generation of Jazz to be a notch more than the past generation. Roofline may marry the rear pillars in coupe like curves and would make the rear seats roomier for the passengers to stretch their legs extensively – of course as per to the max-man min-machine strategy of Honda it implicates very well here. Technically both of these terms are calculated in numbers, i.e. an increment in wheelbase by 8cm, and an impressive 400 liter of boot space.

Looking at the nose it is quite bold than the existing one, and cope the similar resembling looks of new Civic. Front bumpers are also a crispier one in this respective range and it lends “swooping” stance to the whole car.

Honda Jazz leaked pictures
Rear is interesting. The flattened tailgate and brand new tail lamp cluster gives in the refreshing look this bug. Wiper at rear windshield is saying some different sort of elegance here.

Well, we are impressed with the whole new outlook from stable of Honda. It still remained unknown that how does it feels from inside. The smart tech guys of this industry hadn’t left us craving us for more on this model plate.

Honda Jazz leaked pictures Back View

They had provided us with the shot of instrument cluster too, which is amazing and jazzy for being in the context of a much adored car. The image that is displayed here is of the automatic version whilst we also expect the manual to make more sales for Honda on Fit stance.

We know everyone must be waiting for the engine specifications in the end, and speculations stands strongly with the 1.2L i-VTEC petrol as well as the recently launched 1.5L i-DTEC diesel for many markets.

2014 Honda Jazz

Not known when the official statement will make its way to from the house of Japanese regarding launch.  But hopefully taking cues from the images, we learnt Chinese had uploaded the images via scanning the official leaflet. So when the booklet is ready and leaked this intensively, then the roll out may be slated nearby.

Moreover, remember what we had said above, new generation is a notch more than the existing generation, hence it means now the Jazz will no more be a hatchback, but instead it will be the passenger carrier or similar of like to the metals named Mercedes Benz B Class, a sort of crossover etc. And yes, it too is seen being based on that same German driven station wagon platform.

New Honda Jazz leaked pictures

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