Nissan Evalia to come in a new avatar?

It was revealed earlier this month that Nissan will be upgrading 2 of its very successful cars- Evalia and Sunny. A few days back the upgraded Nissan Sunny made its way to the market. Since then people were waiting for the upgraded Evalia to make its way to the market. Autocar India has reported that Nissan has restyled, the otherwise plain Evalia, to a stylish four wheeler. The lack of style which was a major drawback of Evalia, has now been overcome in the best possible way. The new Evalia gets various cosmetic upgrades and essential redesigning.

Evalia is a Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) that is basically a van. It is considered as one of the best in its genre. It is very spacious, fuel efficient and technically sound. It was being considered as the future face of passenger taxi and cars. The car, although, continuously faced criticism due to being very “van-like” making it inappropriate for private use. The middle sliding doors did not have appropriate windows and also the middle rows did not have any AC vent. The seats too were very plain and “bench-like”. The exteriors lacked a stylish appearance. These drawbacks had to be taken care of which is finally done.

Talking about the seats in the new Evalia, they will be upgraded with captain seats. The seat covers and cushioning will be changed to give highly comfortable seats. Not only the middle row, all the seats in the car will receive better seat covers. The interior will also receive components made of better materials and some new equipment as well. All this offers an overall comfortable and trendy car interior.

Nissan Evalia
The second most prominent drawback, the middle windows, has also been fixed. Initially retro engineering was being looked at to fix this problem but it proved way too expensive and inconvenient since the car has sliding doors. The windows on the middle door now have been redesigned and can be slide opened.

The exterior too will receive a touch up to give a more pleasant appearance, increasing its acceptance.

Nissan was able to sell only an average of 177 Evalia monthly. With the errors fixed, Nissan Evalia might see an upward curve and might be popularity as a private vehicle.

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