Nine Launches Planned By Mahindra For FY16

Mahindra’s offensiveness had just begun with the XUV500 facelift, but it has a long way to go. Told to a source of the industry, this India-based carmaker will launch nine models in the FY-16.

However, the launches will include both, new and refreshes. Penning down, the automaker confirmed two new compact SUVs are in the line, which were reportedly called as S101 and U301. Both of them may get positioned underneath the Quanto in the lineup, apparently between 6.65 lakh and Rs 8.17 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Mahindra plans to launch nine models in FY16

Hence, no further directions are plotted about the remaining launches, but rumours grown around the industry suggest the facelift of Quanto will happen soon.

Shedding lights on the Verito, automaker has said not to invest any more on the variant either driven by petrol or diesel. Rather an electric version is what remains in the conceptualization.

Hence, no more revelation about which of the cars will hit bay anytime soon. So, let the rumours and speculations do rounds over the circle.

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