Nissan Duster to arrive in October

Nissan will be launching its version of Duster code named as NH79 in October during the festive season. The Nissan version will come with an all new fascia that will resemble with the Nissan X-Trail. Nissan plans for a complete change of Duster and will be blending it with the Nissan’s way of styling.

The side profile however still remains the same, while the front and the rear part will receive changes. While Nissan offered X-Trail as a five seater and lost lot of customers due to that reason, after all we all Indians love extra seats, so for now Nissan is considering to add two extra seats just like the Renault. The seats will come as the dealer attachment.

Nissan Duster
There are also rumors that it will receive a complete interior overhaul. So, one could expect to see the Nissan styled steering wheel, music system and some major changes in the instrument cluster. But by far the most important question is if Nissan is planning to price it’s Duster above or below Renault’s vehicle. From what it seems Nissan may even price it lower than its French Partner Renault. This will allow the company to become competitive in the market with this aggressive price strategy.

Nissan Duster Back View

So, for now the launch has been scheduled to happen in October or even in the last of September for the Nissan’s version of Duster. The sources also claims that the Nissan version may look more stylish and will be offering a more premium feel and will have more features than Renault Duster. Everything will become clear once the vehicle rolls out in the market.  Currently not much about the vehicle has been revealed.

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