Nissan gears up for Evalia launch in Aug-Sept

Till date Nissan has not generated much of a buzz in the Indian market no matter how successful they might be in other countries. But following the Auto Expo Nissan plans to gear up for its Indian chapter once again and bring its variants to the country. Till date Nissan Teana and Nissan Sunny are the two cars which have made a mark on the Indian roads but couldn’t meet the sales expectations set by Nissan for the growth of the brand name in the Indian market.

Nissan brought its range of cars at the Auto Expo 2012, New Delhi including the Nissan GTR which attracted lots of eyeballs and generated a buzz amongst the visitors. According to the company spokesperson, Nissan has high aspirations with India and thus in order to expand; they have hired 500 workers to boost up the manufacturing processes. Nissan had showcased an MPV at Auto Expo 2012 which was appreciated by the critics. They have named it Evalia and plan to launch it this year. Earlier Nissan was not sure and couldn’t decide a prospective time to launch Evalia but now since they have increased their workforce and are high on enthusiasm, they are shortly coming up with dates when they will be launching their newest line of vehicles in the Indian market and will thus start making a name amongst other counterparts. Though it will take time to establish their base in India yet, but with the recruitment of a strong workforce they plan to start making progress by launching Nissan MPV Evalia on the Indian roads.

Nissan gears up for Evalia launch in Aug-Sept

Recently Nissan told the media that they will commence the export operations of Nissan Sunny from the month of March as the demand of the Japanese manufacturer’s car has been increasing over the past few months after its good response in India. Nissan presently has a manufacturing unit based in Orgadam, Chennai where MPV Evalia will be manufactured and Nissan plans to belt out maximum number of units to increase the demand of the car in the country. The company has many plans for Evalia out of which one is to localize the vehicle by almost 80%-90%.

Nissan has not yet disclosed the price of the MPV but will be opening all the information to the customers very soon. The launch has been slated to be around August or September of this year. So there are apparently 6-7 months before this car will be seen on Indian roads.

Regarding hiring workforce, Nissan is not satisfied with hiring 500 workers and thus have asked their representatives to hire 200 more workers so that work can proceed on maximum scale in the Orgadam plant which Nissan presently shares with Renault respectively. Thus within 5-6 months of the launch of Evalia, Nissan plans to increase its exports at such a scale that it matches the export rate of Nissan Sunny. By doing this they will succeed in establishing a foothold over Indian roads.

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