Volkswagen eyeing supreme control over Porsche

Ever since Volkswagen was launched by Ferdinand Porsche its name has been taken all across the world. Volkswagen now boasts of a strong battalion of luxury-car brands in its kitty some of which are Lamborghini, Audi, Bugatti, Bentley, Skoda, Scania, SEAT and last but not the least, Porsche. Presently Volkswagen is in alliance with luxury car-maker Porsche and has approximately 50.1% stake in it which is considerably a very large portion of the assets of the German Auto major. Now Volkswagen is in a fix as to whether they should keep Porsche with them or sell out its stakes. The prospects are being considered now and Volkswagen will be making a formal announcement any moment as to whether they will continue to be in an alliance with Porsche or let Porsche take its own road.

Volkswagen eyeing supreme control over Porsche
Apparently Volkswagen has given choice to Porsche to either shell out a certain predetermined amount in a certain period of time in order to make Volkswagen its mentor group completely or asked them to sell the same amount of money as their stakes and make themselves an independent enterprise. But in order to become the best auto-maker in the world Volkswagen is having second thoughts about going for the second option as Porsche has boosted up and kept the sales of Volkswagen at pinnacle. Volkswagen presently rolls out Porsche Cayenne which is one of the most-demanding Porsche SUVs in the market. Volkswagen has been now given the lucrative and proud opportunity to roll out the 100,000th edition of this new version of Porsche Cayenne. According to the grapevine Volkswagen is leaving no stones turned this time and does not wish to part ways with Porsche but there are other issues brewing up for the company and the biggest one amongst all is evading the € 1 billion levied on the automobile giant.

Presently Porsche records a laudable and praiseworthy boost in the growth of sales but 6.5% annually. Thus letting Porsche slip out of their hands would mean taking a big risk as Porsche continues to rule the sales of Volkswagen amongst all other automobile giants which are in the consortium of Volkswagen. Porsche has always been a hit in the Asian automobile market especially in India where Porsche sold an impressive 322 units in the Indian market thus escalating the sales of the super-luxury car maker here. 322 units means a market share of approximately 30% is being covered by Porsche against its counterparts Rolls Royce, Bentley and Ferrari in the prospective and lucrative Indian automobile market.

Rumor has it that Volkswagen is ambitious to expand its empire in India and shoot up the sales of Porsche units in the country. The first step of this initiative has been implemented as Volkswagen has established a new dealership in Bangalore. Secondly Volkswagen is anticipating the response of the new upcoming Porsche Cayenne which is scheduled to be launched onto the Indian roads in April.

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