Nissan Kwid Rendered

The success of Renault-Nissan had benefitted both the carmakers handsomely. So, either of them are not in the mood to put an end such a deal. The Renault Kwid that was unveiled in India as a compact car had sparked rumour – is Nissan is on the way of rolling out a similar example?

Though, no one knows about it, but a famous render artist had penned down the imagination and drawn a Nissan version of Kwid taking cues from Terrano. Front fascia is almost similar to that compact SUV, while the rest is resembled to Kwid. However, Duster and Terrano both are based on the similar traits. So, with no exception this time, the rumours of Nissan’s low cost brand Datsun producing a similar car called RediGO may take some cues from the Kwid, reported a source.

The localization on Kwid is 97%, which Renault had aimed to sell for a price between Rs 3-4 lakh. And if everything may drop in place, the admirers will get a chance to see the success like Duster once again in the small car market which is majorly occupied by Marutis and Hyundai.

Nissan Kwid Rendered

Though, as of now, the diesel engine is ruled out for Kwid, a petrol unit remains the only answer.

Image Courtesy: Theophilus Chin

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